Wicca Spellbook App Reviews

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It is very helpful :-)

It is helpful and gives mw guidance on what I need to do for any spell I want to do. Its really fun to try also

Great but please update

This app needs to update so it can be better for speed purposes.

New to the Craft

I find this volume to be very powerful in itself.

I love it!

A lot of neat spells :) blessed be!!!

Really helpful

This app is really good for beginners in witchcraft like me and really helped me get my bearings in creating my own spells

Good app

This app is good

Add more spells and supper app

Super app needs more spells

Love it

I will like to know where to find many and how to stop unseen people from the naked eye to stop riding me or talking to me, every time that happen I got really tired or end up In the hospital having rare illness or surgery, already I when from flat line to normal of course after they have to do CPR so help? Please or at least something to protect me my house and kids

App Icon & iPad Version

Please update this app icon and make it look flat so that it matches/blends in with the new iOS 7 theme. This is now the only app icon on my iPhone with a 3D look to it and it sticks out like a sore thumb; its really annoying. Also, please make this app Universal or make an iPad version (making it Universal would be better). It looks really bad on an iPad.

Lovely. I like the majority of the spells, I just wish that there were more of them, my reason for only 4 stars. I also really like the interface, its beautifully made and I have found 0 glitches in the app overall, the programming is incredibly well done. I think another useful feature could be a list of common materials, separate from each spell. Such as an entirely new section of the book. It could have descriptions of each item too. That would make the app one of the best out there.

Love it!

Very nice app, love all the spells! :-)

I love it

I love it so mutch it has buatiful designs and I havent found any glitches


These spells all work perfectly! All though, it should be called witch or Wicca spells because I am a witch and I use them.

Amazing App!

Honestly the one out of all apps for spellbooks to go with. This app is by far the most expansive with its many spells, however, I dont enjoy seeing certain spells that could endanger starting solo practitioners.

Awesome app

This app is great, and it gives a lot of spells compared to other apps. It could have more, but Im not complaining. ;)


To the point easily understood.

Love to learn

I enjoy learning from different paths

Just starting

Im starting these spells tonight hopefully they work. Ill definitely check back with you soon.


Love this spell book

Wicca Spellbook

Merry Meet, Every thing in this book is excellent. Each and every spell Ive cast/used for myself, but mostly for others has been 100% positive outcome every cast, every time. (Ive added my own little twist.) This book has quickly become an addition to our seventh generation family book of shadows. Simply because the family began to write everything down for future generations to use. It takes a lot to impress me. This book is fabulous and is great for beginners or old timers. I look forward to passing it down to my children, my grandchildren, and looking forward to share with my great grandchildren. Thank you very much for creating this wonderful collection. May it always bless you and be a blessing to all who encounter it. Blessed be )O(

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